Who are we?


REVISION is a circular fashion platform that enables you to shop past, present and future — direct from luxury designers around the world.

REVISION represents a revision of fashion's principles — revising the way we view past-season pieces & seasonality.

Our aim is to offer a responsible and slower approach to shopping luxury fashion. Through our directional platform, we present a trans-seasonal blend of hard-to-find Archival, New Season and Made-to-Order items, allowing you to constantly discover independent brands and new pieces, irrespective of their season. We aim to constantly blur the lines of what is considered ‘old’ and ‘new.’ 



Through selling archival pieces alongside new season collections, REVISION helps independent brands reduce their waste and contribute to the circular economy, keeping products in use for as long as possible and thus extracting their maximum value. We strongly believe that old stock should never be destroyed or sent to landfill and that the life cycle of garments can always be extended beyond the parameters of the traditional fashion calendar.

Our Mission


REVISION's mission is to offer a unique alternative to shopping traditional luxury fashion, whilst also supporting independent brands in becoming more environmentally and commercially sustainable.

Glossary of Terms


Archive/Archival - Items that precede the current season. These items are unworn and are fulfilled directly from the designer's archive. These items are typically classed as unsold inventory and therefore by purchasing them, you are extending the lifecycle of the garment and reducing waste. 

New Season - Current season items that are either made specifically for the season or are part of a core/permanent collection. 

Made to Order - Items which are made upon order. These items will start production when your order is placed, hence the longer delivery times.

Pre-Order - Items which will go into production in one bulk. For example, you can order a t-shirt that will only go into production, with all other orders, in January. 


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