Revision contributor, Shammi Popat, outlines how our clothing is recycled and how we can turn our unwanted clothing into something useful.
For our third Community Mix, LIV.IA curates a mix that is heavily charged with UK bass influences and her energetic sets travel between breakbeat, garage and accents of jungle.
For REVISION's third segment of our 'Stylist Edit', Rory Griffin curates a menswear and womenswear look, whilst dissecting a selection of his favourite pieces available on REVISION.

REVISION contributor, SHAMMI POPAT,  dissects the surge of up-cycling within the luxury market to help combat waste in the fashion industry.

For REVISION's second segment of our 'Stylist Edit', Beanie Stolper curates a menswear and womenswear look, whilst dissecting a selection of her favourite pieces available on REVISION.

For REVISION's first segment of our 'Stylist Edit', Gabriella Rowland curates a menswear and womenswear look, whilst dissecting a selection of her favourite pieces available on REVISION.

For the latest segment of our Community page, Delfina Rainoldi explores the origins of the brand, the designers’ anonymity and their use of key materials.

Discover REVISION's second editorial showcasing a curated selection of lookbook images featuring archival, new season and made to order pieces.

Delfina Rainoldi introduces the latest brand to join REVISION, sustainable brand BY FAR - centred around redefining timeless, playful silhouettes that can be treasured forever.

Solly Warner caught up with Toby Vernon to discuss his earliest memories creating jewellery, how he discovered the process of lab-created gemstones, and why promoting sustainability is important to him.

Founders of Cyre, Rebecca Lazar and Cynthia El Frenn, speak with Solly Warner about the power of scent and their new experimental film. 

For our second Community Mix, Baile Ali curates a slow and mildly emo mix, reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to 2021.

Shammi Popat interviews burgeoning knitwear designer & Central Saint Martins graduate, Eleanor Butler-Jones. The pair discuss Eleanor's production process and interning with Acne Studios & Kiko Kostadinov.
In the the next segment of REVISION's ‘In Conversation With’ series, Shammi Popat speaks with hat-maker Delly Deacon about her processes and inspirations.
For REVISION's first Community Mix, Volta Sound System share a selection of 125bpm tracks that encourage focus within the rhythm.
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